Abstract art that received Special Merit during the “Seascapes” exhibition.

"Seascapes" - Submission Results

YAAASSSS - this is so exciting to share!

The gallery received 516 entries from 14 different countries from around the world, as well as from 30 different states and the District of Columbia. To be among the few that placed has never been more inspiring.

Art is often misconstrued as something that is too far out of reach for the college apartment, the first time home buyers or even the established estate. When I set out on the journey of creating The Exhibit Studio, and gathering my band of artistic comrades to help add variety to these virtual walls, I did it with the hopes of providing gallery level art for the everyday household or office. Being recognized during the competitions is just helping me get one step closer to fulfilling the dream of every household having a statement piece that makes the space feel as unique as the people that occupy it. 

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