Collection: ACR Photography

My “take” on photography: Throughout my imaging journey, going on 10 years now, I always seek to capture something beyond what is absolute to the eye like a tree or a canyon or a mountain. Instead, I focus on the apparent or the ephemeral glimpse of a fleeting sunset instantly casting a distinctive ray of light on a canyon floor or how painted light creates a shimmery, frenetic reflection on a lake during a full moon. These things are not reproducible. A picture of a tree on a clear blue, noon sky is definitely reproducible. Photography as fine art goes beyond staged cell phone images. It requires pre-visualization of the photographic process and the understanding of the image’s emotional goals for an intended audience. Accomplishing these two things does not however guarantee a perfect photo; there is also technical prowess and luck . . . of which luck is much harder to come by. Given the immeasurable complexity of landscape photography, feeble half-hearted attempts to capture something unique might end up on the cover of Nat Geo while months’ long preparation shooting the same thing might end up in one’s recycle bin never to be opened by editing software.